Ultimate Guide for Backpacker to Rent a Van in Cebu

Backpacking is best for people who want to save a lot and travel with low-cost. It includes the use of backpack that is carried easily for long journeys of travel. Backpackers can be versatile but sometimes they need to be practical. This is a guide for a backpacker to rent a van in Cebu.

The first thing to remember is to look and search for the pros and cons of the place. Write it down and look for the company that offers a great van that will suit the type of place you are going.

Finding the right car

The first four things you should look for are the reliability, affordability, legality, and functionality of the car or van – anything else will just be a bonus. Check the practical compiled checklist for backpackers that will make your traveler easy and great. If you know some basic car maintenance then you’ll be great in this kind of line. Look for car’s radiator, brakes, rust, oil leaks, damage, glass, warning lights, air-conditioning, tires, exhaust and the internal of the car. In the radiator, you check the level of the liquid if it has reached the ‘full’ line and doesn’t have an oily surface or rusty appearance. For the brakes, you make sure that the handbrake holds the van firmly on a hill. For the rust, you removed it because that may cause for the car to compromise. Oil leaks, test drive the car and proceed with caution. Check the oil if it’s dark or milky which can indicate serious engine issues. For the glass, check for tiny cracks which can be easily turned into big cracks. For the tires, uneven tires can mean to an uneven wheel alignment. Bald tires are very dangerous and illegal.

Road tripping with Cebu van rental service will give a great experience and a memory that will be cherished forever.

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