Different Types Of Common Elements In a Website

What are Affective Elements and What Purpose They Serve?

It is possible to include a range of features on a web site so that visitors get optimal user experience. In this context implementation of hedonic elements by web design companies can prove to be quite helpful for websites. Let us find out how.

What are hedonic elements?

Hedonic elements are also known as affective elements and web design companies can utilize them for invoking different emotions in visitors. Few examples of hedonic elements include shapes and colors, images, photographs as well as other related elements which can be utilized for providing sense of emotional appeal, aesthetics and to create positive impression over users.

What purpose hedonic elements serve?

Using these hedonic elements designers can create your site in such manner that visitors experience various emotions such as enjoyment, involvement, trust and satisfaction while browsing your site. As such, by using these elements your site is able to provide better user experience as well as become a lot more usable.

How these elements can be utilized for evoking emotions?

There are different ways in which web design companies can evoke emotions in users. As for instance, it will be possible to create a sense of satisfaction in visitors if appealing colors are used on the site or if design is such that it helps in invoking feeling of enjoyment or excitement. Success in arousing such emotions can prove to be quite useful for your website since then users will be willing to return to your website and become your loyal customers.

Importance of Providing Enjoyment for a Website

web design companiesSites which are enjoyable and rich with useful features (such as features that facilitate interaction) tend to attract higher number of footfalls and as such web design companies need to focus on this aspect while creating your site. Moreover, users tend to develop a psychological attachment with such websites, which in turn results in creation of loyal customer base. In addition to it, if the web site is aesthetically pleasing then users will be more interested in visiting your site since aesthetic appeal will enhance their perceived notion about usefulness as well as ease of use of the website.

Accordingly, few of the design elements web design companies need to focus on in this respect are:

  • Use of interesting graphical elements
  • A design which looks professional
  • Implementation of steps that enhance site's visual appeal

Importance of Creating Involvement for a Website

Involvement can be developed on a website by making use of interactivity. If your site is able to offer better interactivity then users will feel that they have more control over their actions while navigating your web site and can interact with you when they want to. Thus, if designers can create involvement on the site then it will mean that users will be willing to interact with you and transform into loyal customers for your brand. Moreover, improved interactivity will make visitors feel that your site is trustworthy and they will be willing to purchase something from your site.


To summarize we will say that use of hedonic elements can prove to be quite useful for a site and help it establish its online presence.

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